Your New Favorite Watering Hole

in Montana, MT

As soon as you walk in, you know you are in the right place. You see a man in a business suit chatting it up over a craft beer with a lady who has dreads down to her hips. You look down to your right where there are bright flashing casino slots with a group of women sipping on their vodka tonics feeding the machines and laughing. You saunter up to the full bar and see they have everything you could imagine to wet your whistle after a rough week.
So you take a look at the craft beers on tap and you cant believe they have your choice local brewery there! "This couldn't possibly be more perfect," you say to yourself. Then, you hear a band start up in the background and it is your favorite live group. What more could you want from your new favorite spot in town?

The Yard

Stop in & see why we are everyone's favorite bar

Our live shows are not limited to just music nor just the weekends. We are always looking for new and interesting acts to feature here at the Railyard. If you think you have talent that needs to be seen. Contact Josh Schleining today, by e-mail , or call/text at (406) 839-1921 for booking information.

We like to keep things interesting and feature new craft beers, and if it is a day of the week that ends in "Y" we will have a drink special of some sort for you. You can come as you are and feel completely comfortable — everyone fits in here.